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  • Controlled preparation of 2D materials

    Controlled preparation of 2D materials

    2D transition metal chalcogenides (TMCs) have attracted tremendous interest from both the scientific and technological communities due to their variety of properties and superior tunability through layer number, composition, and interface engineering. Wafer-scale production of 2D TMCs is critical to the industrial applications of these materials. By chemical vapor deposition method, we focus on the growth mechanism and growth kinetics, synthesize high-quality wafer-scale 2D semiconductor film and related heterostructures.

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  • Flexible electronics based on 2D materials

    Flexible electronics based on 2D materials

    2D materials are promising semiconductors for integrated flexible electronics due to their excellent mechanical, optical and electronic properties. We have fabricated large-scale flexible and transparent electronics based on monolayer molybdenum disulfide field-effect transistors. Next, one of our most important projects is to use 2D materials (e.g., MoS₂, MoSe₂, WSe₂ and WS₂) to explore and manufacture more flexible functional devices, such as flexible display driver, bionic electronic devices, optoelectronic devices, etc.

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